Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin, USA (Ret.)

Author, Never Surrender: A Soldier’s Journey to the Crossroads of Faith and Freedom


Jerry Boykin - Employment- Wheat Professor of Leadership Studies, Hampden-Sydney College; founder and president, Kingdom Warriors, a non-profit ministry; former deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence, the Pentagon, oversaw the gathering and exploitation of intelligence during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; former positions, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  Works- Author, Danger Close (2010) and Never Surrender: A Soldier's Journey to the Crossroads of Faith and Freedom (2008).  Special Mention- Lieutenant General, United States Army, Retired, 36 years active duty, 24 years in Joint Special Operations; former commander, U.S. Special Forces Command; original member, Delta Force, U.S. Army; former commandant, John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, Fort Bragg, North Carolina; former member, National Security Policy Coordinating Committee for Terrorism and Coordinating Sub-Group for Homeland Security; participated in the invasions of Granada and Panama (1983 and 1989); recipient, Distinguished Service Medal, Bronze Star, and a Purple Heart.  Education- B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (1971).  Personal- Lives in North Carolina.

"Sharia:  The Threat to America"

LIEUTENANT GENERAL BOYKIN: It is a great honor and privilege to be with you.  Are there any other Marines in the audience here today?  Okay we have a couple of Marines.  Here is what we will do.  If I can get one of you Army veterans to go sit next to a Marine in case I use a big word you can explain to him what I just said.  Now look, I love the Marine Corp.  In fact, do you know why Marines have one brain cell more than a horse?  It is so that during the parades they don’t leave droppings in the street.  I love the Marines so give me a break.  My dad spent thirty-two years with the Marine Corp.  I love you all, but I’m going to move fast here this morning.  I want to make very clear that I am not running for office and I am not expecting any calls from the Administration requesting that I take a position of responsibility.  So I feel no obligation to focus on political correctness this morning and I just want to be very clear about that.  
“I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, and I that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office to which I am about to enter.  I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion.”  What is that?  Many of you have taken that oath.  Let me tell all of you that have just raised your hand.  The one thing that was not on that document when you took that oath was an expiration date.  And you are still obliged, you are still under an oath to support and defend this document.  I carry this with me everywhere I go.  It is the Constitution of the United States. Judge Roy Moore gave me this particular copy but I have other copies, to make sure anywhere I go there is a copy in my shirt pocket.  I have no agenda, at this stage of my life, other than to be a good grandfather, a good husband, and to support and defend this Constitution, and I am telling you it is being encroached upon today in an extraordinary manner and I am very concerned.  Listen, I’m a conservative and I am a Christian.  In fact, as bizarre as it may sound, I am actually an ordained minister. Today, after thirty-six and a half years in the United States Army, I’m greatly concerned.  I’d rather preach a sermon up here this morning than talk about what I am going to talk about.  But I have been asked to talk to you about the issue of Sharia Law.  Twenty-three states in America today are dealing with what they call American law for American courts because they are concerned about the encroachment of Sharia Law on this Constitution.  May I tell you that in Article VI of the Constitution, it says that this Constitution shall be the supreme law of the land.  But today, twenty-three states have found it necessary that they pass legislation that protects those states from Sharia Law.  

What is Sharia Law?  Sharia Law is the law that comes from the Qur’an and the Hadith primarily.  It is Islamic law.  It is the law that stones the adulteress; it is the law that beheads people.  It is the law that says an apostate, someone who leaves the faith, should be killed.  Not maybe, it says must be.  I’ve read it.  I’ve read Sharia Law.  And for those who say there is no such thing as Sharia Law, it is really funny to me that we have people here in this country that say there is no such thing, while at the same time we have a man named Anjem Choudary, a fire brand cleric in Britain, who wants to come to America to tell us get ready - you are going to live under Sharia Law.  How many of you have seen this wild man?  If many of you have seen this guy saying you are going to live under Sharia Law, well, this guy is very serious. There is such a thing as Sharia Law.  In fact it is encapsulated in a document or a book called Reliance of the Traveler.  I had hoped to have a copy of it here this morning - I went off and forgot mine.  It is a very thick book.  It is authenticated by the American Islamic Council.  It is authoritative Sharia Law.  It is what tells you that women are to be subjugated to men; it is what tells you that you must kill an apostate; it is what talks about cutting off the hand of the thief and encourages  mutilation; genital mutilation of women and honor killings.  It is brutal and it is repressive, and by the way, it is in America today.   I will talk more about that in a moment.
Most people in America focus on terrorism.  Terrorism is not the problem.  Terrorism is a problem, but it won’t bring America down.  You cannot destroy this nation by committing terrorist acts.  You can intimidate people, you can cause people to be concerned, you can cause people to capitulate on issues, but you can’t bring America down through terrorism.  That is not our real threat.  It is not terrorism at all.  But the gradual encroachment of Sharia Law, Islamic law, can and is destroying the Constitution of the United States and it is time for us as Americans to wake up and face the realities of what is happening in this country.  Democracy and Sharia are incompatible; you cannot have manmade laws where you have Sharia Law.  One of the first tenants of Sharia is there can be no manmade laws, only God given laws - those given in the Qur’an.  Those articulated in the Hadith.  Sharia denies human rights.  I suggest that for those of you who are really interested, get a copy of Reliance of the Traveler and read it.  I lay in bed at night and read it.  In fact , when I told my wife the other night, “I can beat you if you don’t pony up when I get amorous.”  I got a black eye for that.  So don’t do that, men.  That is what it says: you can beat your wife.  I’ve read it.  I’m sad to say that it is written in English, provided for English speakers here in our country to encourage Muslims to follow the dictates of Sharia Law.
I’m going to be speaking to you from this book here.  It is called Sharia: The Threat to America.  I am one of the team leaders that helped put this together under the leadership of Frank Gaffney at The Center for Security Policy.  We will have these available at the break out there and Frank and I will sign these if you will pick up a copy.  This is probably right now, I think we had eighteen or nineteen authors, right Frank?  This is probably the most authoritative book right now on Sharia and what is happening in America.  What is actually going on inside this country with regard to the encroachment of Sharia on our Constitution.  I will be talking about several things from this book.  I spent thirty-six and a half years supporting and defending this Constitution, to include the First Amendment.  I believe in the right to worship.  I believe in freedom of speech and I also believe that all Muslims that want to worship according to the five pillars of Islam should be allowed to do so.  They should be our natural allies because there are many Muslims in this country who do not want to live under Sharia.  The problem is, we have Muslims coming to America that don’t want to live under Sharia and we are forcing them right back into the repression of Sharia Law.  I will explain that in more detail in a moment.  Having said that, I support the First Amendment, but there are also limits to the First Amendment.  The fact of the matter is, regardless of what religion you call yourself a part of, you have to obey the laws of the land.  You have to obey the laws of America, of your states, of your communities.  We don’t allow people who believe in polygamy to practice it.  We don’t allow people who believe in using drugs as part of their worship ritual to do so.  We don’t allow the animal sacrifice that is part of religious worship.  You have to obey the laws of the land.  Unfortunately, there are those whose strict adherence to the teachings of Islam believe that it is their God-given responsibility to destroy this Constitution and replace it with Sharia Law.  What we don’t understand as Americans is that Islam is more than a religion.  Islam is a totalitarian way of life.  It starts with a thing called Sharia Law, the legal system. It’s also a geopolitical system.  It is a financial system, it’s a military system, it is a dress code, a dietary code and then finally, it has a religious component.  But we protect the entire thing under the First Amendment when in fact adherence to authoritative Islam targets our Constitution because there can be no manmade laws.  Now some of you are saying that cannot happen here.  Well, I am going to demonstrate to you in a moment how it is happening here.  And most of you are probably totally unaware of it.  

The fact of the matter is the entity that is behind this encroachment of Sharia Law on our Constitution is the Muslim Brotherhood. You have heard a lot about it since everything flared up in North Africa.  The Muslim Brotherhood, prior to the events in North Africa, people thought it was just a euphemism. No, it is a real entity.  It was created in 1928 by a guy name Hassan al Banna.  Hassan al Banna was creating the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo to recreate the Ottoman Empire.  The Ottoman Empire was the great hope of Islam.  But in 1924 a man named Kemal Ataturk destroyed the Ottoman Empire when he made Turkey a secular government.  Hassan al Banna and Sayed Khatab - Sayed Khatab by the way was educated in Colorado - created a Muslim Brotherhood to recreate the great Ottoman Empire which was the hope of the Islamic world.  The hope for what?  The hope for establishing the global caliphate, which under Islamic theology would then be the geographic area over which the Madi or the Messiah would come and rule and bring Sharia Law to the entire earth and bring peace.  They had to create a global caliphate.  People blow off this idea of the caliphate.  Well, that is because you don’t read what they say.  You don’t read their theology and listen to what they say.  They talk about building the global caliphate so that their Messiah come and establish Sharia Law.  Now why would they target America?  Because we are the keepers of the keys of Democracy, we have to be brought down.  This global caliphate cannot be established until America is brought into submission.  Until Sharia Law is established in America and everybody else falls, everybody else goes the way of America.  America was targeted.  

The Muslim Brotherhood only had eight hundred and fifty members its first ten years.  But in 1938 something very important happened.  A man came along and gave them millions of dollars.  Who knows who that man was?  Adolf Hitler.  He went to the Grand Mafti of Jerusalem and he said, “If you will not allow the Jews to return to Palestine so that I can keep them hemmed up in Europe and exterminate them, I will give you millions of dollars.”  And the Grand Mafti of Jerusalem agreed to it and with millions of dollars the Muslim Brotherhood became a global entity.  They came to America in roughly 1962 and they came here specifically to implement Sharia Law.  One of the first organizations they created was called The Muslim Student Association.  And if you look at Universities and Colleges across America today, it is one of the most powerful entities on those campuses.  And it is spreading propaganda; it is educating the future leadership of America in a much altered kind of way with nothing but propaganda.  The Muslim Brotherhood is here in America, it is powerful in America and we as Americans have no understanding of just how incredibly deep inside our society the Muslim Brotherhood is.  And their objective is to bring America under Sharia Law.  Now in 2004 we discovered, in Annandale, Virginia, a five phase plan for the submission of America, for the destruction of the American Constitution.  They found it in a false basement of a man that became one of the senior operatives of the Muslim Brotherhood here in America. This plan that is laid out here on page 123, in this book, a five phase plan. I want you to get this book and I want you to look at that plan and see the end of phase four and the beginning of phase five of the five phase plan to take over America.  It is incredible.  I want to read something to you from this book.  This is right out of the document that was found in Annandale, Virginia in this false basement.  This is their writings, this is what they said.  “Akhwan” means the brotherhood. The Akhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of Grand Jihad and by the way jihad is holy war against infidels.  Do not believe the propaganda about it as an internal struggle - Jihad is holy war against infidels.  Read their documents and it tells you that very clearly.  “The Akhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of Grand Jihad eliminating and destroying the Western Civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands, that is our hands, and the hand of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all religions.”  This is taken from page 123 of his book, the five phase plan is laid out on page 124 and 125. Take a look at it and see if you can see where they are in terms of their five phase plan.  
In 2008, the Holy Land foundation trial - the biggest terror financing trial in American history – was held in Dallas, Texas.  Five defendants were convicted on one hundred and eight counts of raising funds to support Hamas, to support terrorism.  And by the way, Hamas is the very same organization that we’ve classified as terrorists and we just told Benjamin Netanyahu to go negotiate with them.  We have a U.S. policy of not negotiating with terrorists - there seems to be some duplicity there.  Having said that, the fact of the matter is, as we look at the Holy Land foundation trial results there, at the end of the trial, was an unindicted co-conspirator list that was published.  It was about two hundred and fifty or fifty-five people and organizations.  What that proved was virtually every major Islamic organization in America was upfront, for the Muslim Brotherhood.  It is not my words, this is a fact.  Yet in America we are still ignoring the threat.  We are still denying that this could be a serious threat to us.  And the reality is that it is indeed a very serious threat.  Don’t say that it cannot happen here because I would encourage you to take a look at Europe.  All the experts will tell you now that Europe will be an Islamic continent by the middle of this century.  How many of you have seen that some place: that it will be an Islamic continent by the middle of this century?  The reason is because they ignored the threat, because they didn’t take it seriously.  Because they said it can’t happen here and they made some very bad decisions and the first choice was to ignore the threat.  

Can’t happen here?  Well, just yesterday I discovered that in the United Kingdom there are eighty-seven Sharia courts.  And by the way, in France there are now seven hundred and fifty Sharia courts, and Islamic enclaves where the police and the first responders do not go because they are practicing Sharia Law, which means the Imams are in charge.  You say it can’t happen here, it is happening in Europe and we are only a few years behind them if we make the same choices and we ignore the threat, as they have done.  I encourage you to go to a website called, if you want to see just what is happening in America.  Because the reality is, Frank Gaffney and the folks at The Center for Security Policy supported primarily by a guy name David Yerushalmi, an orthodox Jewish Rabbi from New York, who is also a lawyer, did an extensive study on this and what I am about to tell you is it is the tip of the iceberg.  They looked at fifty court cases in twenty-three different states.  This is in America - fifty court cases and twenty-three different states where Sharia was considered.  Let me go back to the Constitution - this Constitution shall be the supreme law of the land.  That is why twenty-three states are now passing laws that say American laws in American courts, but the reality is of those fifty cases, they discovered that in twenty-seven different cases, Sharia was considered in the adjudication.  That is frightening to me.  This is in America, twenty-three different states now where Sharia has been considered.  The most egregious was the case in New Jersey.  How many of you heard of the case in New Jersey?  Where the woman who had a Muslim husband went in and asked for a restraining order because her husband was serially beating and raping her and the judge in the family court in the State of New Jersey denied her a restraining order because he said, “Your husband was not acting with criminal intent, he was acting under Sharia law.”  Fortunately, there was another judge in New Jersey that had a brain in his head and overruled it in the appellate court.  It is in America already.  Sharia is here.  Folks, do you realize that every one of us that pays taxes, we are participating in Sharia Law?  Because we bailed out AIG, the largest purveyor of Sharia compliant insurance, we are all part of it and you don’t even know it.  It is incredible.  Sharia Law is in America and we are going the way of the Europeans.  Let me tell you, we are infiltrated.  

This country is infiltrated, our schools are infiltrated.  Do you realize that twenty years ago there were nine text book publishers in America?  Today, there are two and guess who owns them?  Muslim corporations own our text books.  That is why you get a text book in the fourth and fifth grade that talks about eighty-two references to Islam in the history of America and one reference to Christianity and zero references to Judaism.  It is happening in America and we have to wake up.  We are infiltrated, our schools are infiltrated, our communities are infiltrated and our government is infiltrated.  You currently have in senior positions throughout this Administration, people that are known to be associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.  It is not just the Democratic Party; the Republican Party has been infiltrated.  Do you understand the conservative movement has been infiltrated?  You don’t just go and target one sector of our society if you want to change this society, you’ve got to go for the whole enchilada.  The conservative movement is infiltrated.  In fact, the next target will be the Tea Parties.  I have no specifics but the next target will be the Tea Parties.  There will be an effort to infiltrate that with Muslim Brotherhood people who will then begin to create dissention and disrupt the Tea Parties because they are such a powerful entity today.  We are infiltrated.  We are infiltrated as a conservative movement.  We are infiltrated. And by the way, let me suggest to you, anything I say today, go do your own research. I don’t ask you to accept the things I am saying, all I want to do is stimulate enough thought and enough interest that you will go and do your own research.  This is not the only book.  There is another great book called The Muslim Mafia.  How many of you have read it?  Go read The Muslim Mafia.  There is a very brave man in here that published that book when nobody else would.  And it came right out of the Council of American Islamic Relations - their own documents and papers that they thought they were destroying when in fact, what they were really doing was giving them to a guy that had been planted in their organization.  The guy took all of their documents, turned them over to his father, who was a retired Air Force Colonel who linked up with a guy here in Washington named Paul Sperry and they wrote a book called The Muslim Mafia.  It is their documents.  It is their words.  Read the book.  It tells you exactly what their plan is and exactly how they are accomplishing that plan.  We are infiltrated.  And what we have a tendency to do on the conservative side is, instead of examining the facts, we shoot the messenger.  And there are multiple examples of that.  This is a hard message and it is a message we tend to ignore because we say it can’t happen here.  Well, it absolutely can happen here.  It is happening here and I think the fact that we have got twenty-three states where we can validate that Sharia Law has been and is being considered in a adjudicating court cases ought to be enough proof that it is happening here.  

What about the Muslims who reject Sharia Law?  And there are many Muslims in this country who came here because they don’t want to live under Sharia Law.  They should be our natural allies.  Folks, we need to go out and bring them in - we need to encourage them.  We need to stand side by side with these people.  The problem is they are the minority voice because they have been so intimidated and so threatened.  Some will say, “that is the majority of the Muslims in America.”  Let me give you some statistics and I want you to think about this.  In 1917, only three percent of Russia was Communist.  In 1924, only three percent of Germany was Nazi.  But what they had was a brutal, harsh leadership that was willing to do whatever they had to in order to force the rest to come along, and as they say - the rest is history.  That is what we need to be concerned about.  Where is the outrage when a guy tries to blow up an airplane right over Detroit on Christmas Day?  When a guy parks a car in Time Square?  Where is the outrage from the community that doesn’t want to live under Sharia Law anymore than I do?  Where is the outrage?  They are intimidated.  We need to come along beside them and encourage them to speak up, to stand up, to let the world know that this is not what they want either.  Sadly they are intimidated and they are unwilling to be outspoken on this issue.  It is time for us to wake up.  It is time for us to get serious about what is happening in our country.    
I’ll finish with this: I am asking you, what price will you pay?  Are you willing to stand up to this threat?  Are you willing to stand up and take criticism? We talked about how I was criticized by the media.  Well, it didn’t stop.  I’m still criticized by the media and I don’t even care anymore.  I answer to God, not to man.  My ultimate authority is God.  Well, I am going to finish with this story.
Most of you know that I was Commander of the Delta Force during the events in Mogadishu and Somalia in 1993 that we now know as “Black Hawk Down.”  My Sergeant Major walked up to me the morning of the fourth of October and said, “Colonel, are you ready?”  I took a deep breath and I said, “I’m ready, Sir Major.”  I stood up, I put my cap on, and I walked across the sands of the air field there in Mogadishu, Somalia with a heavy heart, and when I got to the other side we walked up to a tent and over the top of that tent it said mortuary affairs.  It was a makeshift morgue and I walked into that makeshift morgue with a lump in my throat and a heavy heart, and a young Sergeant said, “Would you please identify this body?” He unzipped a body bag and I looked into the ashen face of a man that only hours before had been one of my soldiers that I had been laughing and joking with on that air field and then we went to the next and we went to the next and we went to fifteen of those.  And every one of those bags that he opened and I looked into the face of my soldier.  I asked myself this question: Did I do everything I could?  Did I do everything I could to make sure this man survived?  Folks, I’m going to tell you something, a decade from now if this country goes under, every one of us in this room, and everybody across America that cares about this country, about this Constitution, we are going to be asking ourselves exactly the same question.  Did I do everything I could?  Look this is a hard reality.  This is a hard thing to deal with.  But it is happening in America and I ask you to think about it now.  What price are you willing to pay?  Are you willing to stand up and be counted in protecting the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic?  

God bless you.                  

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